July 23, 2021

Yankees have no excuse not to make playoffs (New York Post)

On the visitors’ side of Yankee Stadium, the ballpark he christened with a championship in 2009, Joe Girardi folded those Popeye forearms of his over the dugout rail and batted around a few subjects with a familiar face.

The coronavirus: “This Delta variant doesn’t seem to care if you’re vaccinated or not,” the Phillies’ manager said.

The Tokyo Olympics: “I don’t know how they’re going to pull it off.”

Aaron Boone’s Yankees: “I see a postseason team.”

A postseason team? Before Boone won Wednesday night’s wild matchup with his predecessor in 10 innings, 6-5, on Ryan LaMarre’s single to the right-field wall, Girardi was closer to first place in the NL East (three games back) than Boone was in the AL East (seven) or in the wild-card standings (four). But the man who was fired after leading the Yanks to Game 7 of the 2017 ALCS did not care.

“This is a team that’s been in the postseason the last four years, and before that it had a long, long run,” he said. “Until they don’t make it, I wont believe it.”

I won’t either.

Maybe it’s a product of watching the Yankees make near-annual playoff runs since…

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