January 20, 2021

MLB News: Ken Rosenthal Thinks the Universal DH Will Return in 2021 (Dodgers Nation)

The uncertainty with the 2021 MLB season should be a little concerning given that we are rapidly approaching February. But Commissioner Rob Manfred has already told teams to prepare to start on time for Spring Training and to prepare for a full 162 games. 

Manfred said that despite ongoing negotiations between MLB and the Player’s Union. Among the things that will be discussed between the two sides is the use of the Universal DH. Previously thought to be out of the question for 2021, The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal now believes that it will be part of their plan. 

This is all just part of negotiations between MLB and the Union. And the problem from my understanding is it’s not just involving the DH, there are other elements, other rules, other aspects like expanded playoffs that MLB wants to be part of this package that they will negotiate…So, I do expect ultimately there will be a DH in the National League in 2021 and beyond. 

The addition of the DH across the league would be a game-changer for MLB this offseason. National League teams would now be in the hunt for a big bat, and guys that rely on having that available to them would have a greater pool of…

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