January 20, 2021

Dodgers: Mookie Betts Ranked the Best Right Fielder in All of Baseball (Dodgers Nation)

The Dodgers trading for Mookie Betts may go down as the biggest move in the history of the franchise. From the moment that he stepped into the locker room at Camelback Ranch, it was clear that there was a change in the team culture. Mookie brought with him the desire to win, and that carried over to everyone in the clubhouse. 

That obviously culminated in the Dodgers’ first World Series win since 1988, so you can already count the trade as a net win. But what Mookie is able to do on the field is equally impressive as his leadership in the clubhouse. That’s why Buster Olney ranked him as the best right fielder in 

On the offensive side of things, you always feel good about your chances with Mookie at the plate. Betts slashed .292/.366/.562 with 26 extra-base hits in his first year with the Dodgers. He also put up a .927 OPS, which is the second0best mark of his entire career. He led all qualified right fielders in fWAR and was 6th in wRC+ on the year. 

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Defensively, Betts was a perpetual highlight reel almost every day for the Dodgers. That was on full display during their World Series run, as he climbed…

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