January 27, 2021

Don’t close door on Yankees reuniting with Didi Gregorius (New York Post)

With the Phillies tightening their financial belt, there is a strong possibility they won’t be able to bring back shortstop Didi Gregorius and catcher J.T. Realmuto via free agency.

With the Yankees possibly shifting Gleyber Torres from short to second, could that lead to a reunion with Didi Gregorius?

A year ago, Gregorius finished a season in which he was limited to 82 games due to Tommy John surgery and didn’t get much traction with the Yankees as a free agent because the Yankees believed Torres could handle the every-day action at short.

Eventually, Gregorius signed a one-year deal for $14 million with the Phillies. It was viewed as a bet on himself, and Gregorius won the wager by hitting .284 with 10 homers, 40 RBIs and posting an .827 OPS playing in all 60 games of the COVID-impacted schedule. Even in a financially depressed market, it is safe to say Gregorius, who turns 31 in February, will do better than a one-year deal this time around.

Now the Phillies will likely move Jean Segura back to short from third.

Didi Gregorius
Didi GregoriusAnthony J. Causi

On Oct. 23, Gregorius said on WFAN, “I don’t think they’d want me back in New York to be honest, right…

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