June 16, 2021

Clayton Kershaw’s epic playoff redemption is nearly complete (New York Post)

ARLINGTON, Texas — Boos, glorious boos. Didn’t you miss them?

Boos rained upon Globe Life Field at about 9:30 Sunday night thanks to many of the 11,000-plus people on site — not a cardboard cutout to be seen, not a piped-in cheer to be heard — expressing their unhappiness over Clayton Kershaw getting a sudden hook from World Series Game 5.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts surely felt the anger at his back as he went to retrieve the icon with two outs in the sixth inning, and then he faced the vitriol head-on as he returned to the dugout.

Put aside the strategy debate over whether that marked the right time for Kershaw to go (spoiler alert: It worked out just fine, the Dodgers defeating the Rays by a 4-2 score). Focus on this: Dodgers fans, fully aware of Kershaw’s spotty postseason history, wanted him to keep pitching in the team’s most important contest of the year.

Because Kershaw did his job this time, this Fall Classic. Now, needing to win one more, can his teammates do their job to land him his long-desired ring?

“Any time you can have success in the postseason, it just means so much. It’s what you work for, what you play for: This month,” Kershaw said…

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