October 29, 2020

Dodgers: Corey Seager Hit Another Homerun and Broke Two More Records (Dodgers Nation)

What Corey Seager is doing right now is something that Dodgers fans have never seen. Not only is he having a great Championship Series, but his postseason has been one of the all-time greatest. 

On Saturday afternoon, Seager added to his Dodgers lore. Seager launched a solo homerun to rightfield off of Max Fried that gave him 6 homeruns and 15 runs driven in during the playoffs. Both of those numbers are now a franchise record

Those numbers on their own are impressive as it is. But when you add in how deep and storied the Dodgers franchise is, those numbers become ludicrous. Seager’s offensive outburst during the postseason has been a major part of Los Angeles’ success. He’s arguably one of the biggest reasons they were able to make it to Game 6 of the Championship Series in the first place. 

This came one day after Seager had set another MLB record on Friday night. Seager’s 2 homeruns gave him the most of any shortstop during a postseason series in the history of the sport. He obviously has extended that record today with yet another…

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