April 17, 2021

2020 World Series matchups we’d love (or hate) to see (ESPN)

Fun fact: Once the 16 playoff teams are determined, there will be 64 potential World Series matchups. Right now, there are even more series in play, given the tight nature of the National League playoff race standings. Of course, all matchups are not created equal from an interest standpoint. Thus, here is my annual list of World Series matchup tiers — the best World Series showdowns I want to see. (Needless to say, we all want to see our favorite team in the World Series, but most of us will not have that fortunate outcome.)

I like to see teams that were great in the regular season rewarded. This season is a little different given the 60-game schedule and expanded postseason format, which makes it more likely that a mediocre team — or even a sub-.500 team — could find its way all the way to the World Series. Other factors for me include how exciting a team is to watch, recent playoff appearances or World Series droughts, and the historic nature of a matchup.

This year, we’re adding the Doolittle Classic Score, courtesy of colleague Brad Doolittle. He created a formula that rates each matchup based on a set of criteria, such as how old the franchises are, whether this is a…

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