January 28, 2021

Ex-Cubs star Mark Grace sorry for calling ex-wife a ‘dingbat’ (New York Post)

Cubs legend Mark Grace is in hot water over offensive comments made on-air on Saturday in which he repeatedly referred to his ex-wife as “the dingbat.”

The unfiltered 56-year-old was forced to apologize shortly after the derogatory remarks and may still face disciplinary action from Marquee Sports Network, according to TMZ.

“During today’s game I referred to my ex-wife in a way that I absolutely should not have,” he said in a statement following the broadcast of the Brewers-Cubs game. “I want everyone to know how very sorry I am about that. My remarks were offensive and inappropriate, and I deeply apologize.”

The incident occurred when Grace — who was hired by Marquee in February — joined announcers Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies and shared a rambling anecdote during the top of the sixth inning about a time in which his ex-wife accidentally parked in a spot reserved for former MLB commissioner Bud Selig.

“It’s early afternoon and my ex-wife — I’m going to go Archie Bunker on you guys a little bit — I called her ‘the dingbat,’” he said in reference to the “All In The Family” character, who used to refer to his spouse as such.

Former Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman Mark Grace

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