January 25, 2021

Dodgers: The Seager Brothers Make History at Chavez Ravine (Dodgers Nation)

Corey and Kyle Seager were the talk of the town leading up to the Dodgers game against Seattle on Monday. And why not, considering it’s not every day that brothers get to take the field against one another in the big leagues. 

The Seager boys got to do their press conference together prior to Monday’s game. In that meeting, Corey had said that he hoped Kyle would go 4-for-4 but that the Dodgers would still win. Well, he was almost right as Kyle ended up going 3-for-4 and knocked in a few runs. 

But it wasn’t the Seager hit parade that made national headlines last night. Instead, it was the fact that both of them hit a homerun in the same game. When Kyle launched a ball off of the Dodgers’ Ross Stripling in the 3rd inning, he helped the two make history. It was the first time two brothers had homered in the same game since 2001

It was the first time that Corey and Kyle got to be on the same big league field together. Even though Kyle has been around for a while and Corey has been…

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