January 24, 2021

Dodgers Pivoting to a 6-Man Starting Rotation (Dodgers Nation)

File this one under things that you absolutely expected to see this season. The Dodgers are trying to get Tony Gonsolin more involved in a packed out starting rotation. In doing so, they will inadvertently be pivoting to a 6-man rotation, at least for this week. 

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts talked this week about Gonsolin possibly earning a permanent spot on the roster. While he wouldn’t commit to saying he was here to stay, Roberts did say that he intended on fining innings for him. And find them he has, with Gonsolin getting ready to make his third start of the season on Tuesday.

Starting Gonsolin on Tuesday allows for the other Dodgers starters to get five days of rest in. It also allows all 6 guys to remain in the rotation without changing things up too much. The real issue will arise once Alex Wood returns from his injury. As of now, it’s not clear where people will move to, should someone need to move. 

As of now, Walker Buehler and Clayton Kershaw are the only guys essentially guaranteed to remain in…

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