January 28, 2021

Yankees’ DJ LeMahieu is raking in same way Derek Jeter did: Sherman (New York Post)

I looked it up just to be sure and the DJ — as in LeMahieu — stands for David John.

Because with each imperturbable at-bat and every opposite-field hit, I was beginning to wonder if his name was actually Derek Jeter LeMahieu.

“There is no doubt how they use right field is similar, even if their swings are a little different,” Rockies manager Bud Black said by phone.

Black’s player career ended just as Jeter’s began, but as first an executive with the Indians and then the Angels pitching coach, he saw plenty of Jeter inside-outing the ball to right over the years. And Black managed LeMahieu his last two years before he signed with the Yankees. In our conversation, Black kept referring to LeMahieu as DJ, and I had to remember which guy he was talking about.

“How you defend them and pitch them is similar,” Black said. “Jeter had a great ability on inside fastballs to bring his hands in and lower that barrel and still get to the ball with authority. DJ doesn’t do that as well as Jeter. What he learned to do is pick a moment and turn on that inside fastball.

“NL West teams tried to pound him in and he started pulling the ball more. And he was able to lay…

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