January 20, 2021

MLB trade deadline 2020 fears could prevent many deals: Sherman (New York Post)

Place competitive people in a competitive environment and they historically act competitively.

Which is why one AL assistant GM, when asked if he thought there would be a lot of action before the Aug. 31, 4 p.m. deadline, said, “I think there will be. Teams have holes, and there is still an expectation that you are to fill those holes and have the best team possible for the playoffs or playoff run.”

Yet, I asked that question of 10 executives who will be involved in deadline decision making. And you just read the lone quote expecting a lot of action.

To understand the viewpoint of the other nine executives, think of the deadline as the Olympic men’s 110-meter hurdles. Just rather than 42 inches high, the hurdles will now be 50 inches. And rather than 110 meters, the race is 150 meters. And rather than 10 hurdles, there are 15.

It is the familiar warped — and remember that the Summer Olympics were canceled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The deadline was pushed back a month, not canceled, but there are certainly a lot more, um, hurdles. Remember the scene in “Bull Durham,” when there is a mound gathering and Crash Davis has to explain to the…

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