January 28, 2021

Dodgers: Joe Kelly Reveals That Mookie Betts Has Been Helping Austin Barnes (Dodgers Nation)

Dodgers fans have the next 12 years to get to know everything about Mookie Betts and what makes him tick. But if you’re looking for someone that’s had a front row view for most of Mookie’s career, look no further than Joe Kelly.

The legend Joe Kelly played alongside Betts since being traded to the Red Sox at the 2014 trade deadline. Over the years, Kelly has learned a thing or two about his MVP teammate. One thing in particular Joe pointed out in a conversation with Dodger Talk host Dave Vassegh that Mookie thrives on seeing his teammates be successful.

Mookie thrives off other guys in the lineup performing. And not just hits. When Mookie sees guys take a ball that’s close to a strike and get a walk, that pumps him up.

The perfect type of person you want on your bench. If there is one thing Dodgers fans and even media folks have learned early about Betts is that he strongly prefers to talk about his team and teammates over himself. He lights up when he gets to talk about a big moment from Cody Bellinger or even Austin Barnes.

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