January 24, 2021

Yankees prospect Ben Ruta’s lifelong dream halted by coronavirus (New York Post)

Reliving the past is one way to briefly escape the mess we’re all in, and so without much else going on, Yankees minor leaguer Ben Ruta dug through boxes from his childhood when he came across a dream he had written about in 2004 and his mother had saved all these years.

The fantasy had him leading the Yankees to an improbable comeback against the Red Sox in the ALCS after going down three games to none.

“I literally didn’t even know that I wrote that,” Ruta said in a phone interview this week.

The reminder of a forgotten dream, of course, was not needed for Ruta. The versatile outfielder exudes a healthy dose of confidence needed to make the major leagues. He said, “my résumé,” which includes a steady climb throughout the Yankees farm system despite being a 30th-round pick in 2016, “speaks for itself.”

But the coronavirus is a whole other ballgame.

After showing off a strong bat with Double-A Trenton last season, Ruta was among the roughly 8,000 minor-league players whose seasons were stripped from them in late June with the cancellation of the minor league baseball season — the first time that’s happened in the system’s 119-year history.


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