January 15, 2021

MLB and the MLBPA Announce Latest COVID-19 Testing Results (Dodgers Nation)

MLB and the Player’s Association have released their latest results for COVID-19 testing. As expected and hoped for, the results are about as good as can be. 

Per MLB, there were 12,301 samples taken in the past week from around the league. Of those samples taken, there were 4 positive tests to pop up, 2 of them being players and 2 of them being staff members. All 4 positive tests were from a single club, that club being the St Louis Cardinals. 

With 4 new positive results, that means the latest round of testing yielded a 0.03 percent positive test rate. The other 29 clubs around MLB did not have one single positive test come up, which is very good news for the rest of MLB. 

In total, there have been 66,127 tests during the monitoring phase for MLB. Of those samples, 75 have been new positives or about 0.1 percent. In total, 19 different clubs have had a player or staff member tests positive during the monitoring period. 

There are plenty of numbers to sift through, but the bottom line is that MOST clubs have done a good job of keeping things under control. The Cardinals have only played 5 games this year, but they’ve also done very poorly at keeping…

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