January 15, 2021

Dodgers: Roberts Somewhat Critical of Cody Bellinger’s Early Season Struggles (Dodgers Nation)

The saga of a struggling Cody Bellinger is entering its third full week of the Dodgers’ new season. Understandably, this was hardly the follow up in mind for the reigning NL MVP who has been tooling with his swing since the early goings of summer camp.

On Wednesday, Dave Roberts seemed to hit something of a boiling point in being asked about the struggles of LA batters through 18 games. However, he focused some time specifically on Cody. 

Here’s more from Dave.

When he’s right mechanically… there’s many pitches that he’s not getting to this year that he should — and that he has, and that he will. When you’re not mechanically right, you miss pitches and then they start to expand, and then at times you chase. … but Cody’s working every day and I have no doubt that he’ll get out of it.

It seems like by midstream of thought, Roberts identified that he was being a little more critical…

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