January 21, 2021

Dodgers: Joe Kelly Slams the Astros on Ross Stripling’s Big Swing Podcast (Dodgers Nation)

In a season filled with precautions due to a pandemic, you would think breaking health rules would warrant suspensions. At the very least, some sort of punishment would be expected. That, however, was not the case with the Astros and Dodgers incident. The Astros very clearly broke health and safety regulations mandated by Major League Baseball and their punishment? A fine to manager Dusty Baker. 

Kelly Speaks Out 

Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly talked about his suspension on the Big Swing Podcast with Cooper Surles and Ross Stripling. Kelly blasted the Astros for letting emotions get the best of them, and for coming into close contact with players as a result. 

I didn’t have an altercation! They had the altercation. I cussed, so did their manager, I walked away, they walked towards me, so where is the altercation there? I want to know what they’re actually thinking because what they’re doing right now, there’s literally no thinking involved. 

When Kelly walked off of the field after striking out Carlos Correa, there was a back and forth. Correa and the Astros came out onto the field and advanced towards the Dodgers dugout. Kelly, knowing what the protocols…

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