January 28, 2021

Jordan Montgomery should savor this after Yankees turbulence (New York Post)

These are the games that allow you to come all the way back, at last. These are the nights when you start to believe your body doesn’t hold a grudge against you. When you are young and strong and bulletproof, the last thing you worry about is that the very thing that made you special — a golden left arm, say — will ever betray you.

Until it does.

And then you need a night like the night Jordan Montgomery had Tuesday night at Yankee Stadium, when it was easy to forget that this was 2020 and not 2017, when he’d fallen out of the sky and announced himself as the next Andy Pettitte. That was before the elbow barked. That was before Tommy John. That was before he learned the lesson no athlete wants to learn.

“Confidence,” Montgomery said Tuesday after the Yankees finished off a 9-6 win, finding the word to best describe how beautiful he looked for six innings against a depleted but still formidable Atlanta lineup. “I really went after them, trusted my pitches better, threw my cutter more, executed more fastballs and changeups late.”

A return of the Yankees’ “A” offense didn’t hurt, either.

“Yes,” he said, laughing. “Especially when they get you…

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