January 17, 2021

Dodgers: Rob Lowe Has a Simple Fix for LA Feud With Houston Astros (Dodgers Nation)

Rob Lowe and the guys at Jomboy got together to talk Dodgers, Joe Kelly, and the cheating Houston Astros on Tuesday and it lived up to the hype. Lowe, wearing his signature asterisk H ballcap, along with his son Matt sporting Dodgers Nation’s best-selling “Nice Swing, B****” Kelly tee (on sale now!) joined Jomboy’s “Talkin’ Baseball” podcast to talk baseball.

Specifically, about the Joe Kelly vs the Astros incident.

Moreover, Lowe came up with his solution for the bad blood between the teams.

I tried to get [Dodgers manager Dave Roberts], I said, ‘Dave, here’s what would be the best… bring somebody up from triple-A — bring them in against [Alex] Bregman… so everybody on the planet knows what this is.’ Let the guy bean him, take his fine, doth his hat — he would instantly be the most famous and beloved Dodger since Roy Campanella.

It’s a bold strategy. It’s also not a great one, which Lowe admits by saying that’s why Roberts is the manager and he’s not.

Rob Lowe has a plan for the Dodgers to hit Alex Bregman with a pitch

Of course, Joe Kelly is…

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