January 16, 2021

Dodgers Fans Name Their Optimal Starting Rotation (Dodgers Nation)

After another electric start and building off of his recent success, Dodgers starter Dustin May could be reaching the end of his rope in the starting rotation.

As noted last week, May Day is at or near the top of the league in fastball velocity while leading the way in early Rookie of the Year consideration. All the while, he’s walking few batters and has been the most consistent pitcher in the rotation in the early going. However, when manager Dave Roberts was asked if May had shown enough to remain in the rotation even when the injured Alex Wood returns, he was pretty noncommittal.

Dustin’s showing his value to our ballclub. He’s still establishing himself as a big league pitcher … obviously there’s three starts he’s been very good for us, so when that time comes [Wood’s return], we’ll continue to discuss it, but Dustin is certainly doing everything he can.

That got us wondering, what does the ideal Dodger starting rotation look like when everyone is healthy? So we asked you.

A simple fix that makes a lot of sense. Adding Julio Urias back into the bullpen as a…

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