January 19, 2021

Dodgers: Decision Made by MLB on Joe Kelly’s Suspension Appeal (Dodgers Nation)

The Dodgers will not be without Joe Kelly for 8 games as they had previously suspected. After being handed down the hefty suspension from MLB, Kelly made the decision to appeal. It took much longer than anticipated, but a decision has been made. 

After the appeal hearing on Monday, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts did not yet have any information. He did say that he expected a decision to be handed down in the coming days. As a result of the hearing, Kelly will only be suspended 5 games

Kelly was issued the suspension for his part in a benches-clearing incident with the Astros. The league cited his past of intentionally throwing at hitters as reasoning for his longer than usual ban. The Dodgers pitcher would have previously had to sit out the equivalent of 22 games in a 162 game season. Here is the original release from MLB on the suspension:

Kelly, who has previously been…

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