January 17, 2021

Yankees’ trade deadline strategy becoming increasingly clear (New York Post)

People involved in making decisions about what the trade landscape will look like as the Aug. 31 deadline approaches believe the Yankees won’t add a difference-maker to their lineup.

With 16 teams making the postseason, a sub .500 club at the deadline could believe it has a chance to play in October even if it means grabbing an eighth seed. In other years, teams out of contention by the normal July 31 trading deadline are ready to deal.

Plus, according to a source, if there are deals made, it will involve pitching, not hitting.

“Everybody needs pitching. This year you can get away with playing extra-type position players,’’ an AL talent evaluator said Monday. “But you can’t get by without pitching. If you get a pitching injury or a guy goes bad, you have to be able to replace them.’’

With the expanded postseason and more teams believing they have a chance to play in it and it gets hard to foresee deadline deals. Then there is asking players to switch teams during a pandemic.

“It is really going to be difficult. I don’t see how teams will pull it off,’’ an NL scout said of making deals. “It’s a short season, so much uncertainty and so many…

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