January 23, 2021

Steven Matz, Amed Rosario remain big Mets teases: Sherman (New York Post)

Put shorts and a t-shirt on Steven Matz and Amed Rosario and run them through a tryout camp and they will wow even seasoned scouts. Just the speed alone, the 95 mph from Matz’s left arm, the elite get-up-and go from Rosario’s legs would impress.

It explains, among other things, why they receive so many chances in the major leagues. You don’t want to give up on that kind of talent too soon and see them hone the skill and blossom elsewhere.

But the arrival of David Peterson and Andes Gimenez has underscored what Matz and Rosario are not, which is instinctive players. Let’s not get carried away with three weeks of play in a bizarre season. Nevertheless, it is hard to miss that even as rookies Peterson and Gimenez display an ability to think the game and react in real time. There is a seasoned element about the way they are playing that still escapes the more experienced Matz and Rosario.

Peterson probably would not excite you more than Matz in the shorts and t-shirts, same as Gimenez to Rosario. But once a major league game begins, Peterson and Gimenez are showing the trait to adjust in real-time speed. After Gimenez played a Kawhi Leonard game Sunday against the…

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