January 28, 2021

Indians send Zach Plesac home for leaving hotel to go out in Chicago (ESPN)

Zach Plesac understood the importance of players’ behaving in order for baseball to have its season amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He broke the rules anyway.

The Indians sent Plesac back to Cleveland in a car service on Sunday after the young right-hander violated team rules and Major League Baseball’s COVID-19 protocols.

The 25-year-old Plesac went out with friends on Saturday in Chicago, following his team’s win against the Chicago White Sox.

The team got Plesac a car so he wouldn’t be on a plane with teammates and staff in case he contracted the virus.

Plesac apologized in a statement released by the team following its 10-inning victory over the White Sox on Sunday.

“I realize I made a poor choice to leave the hotel, which broke protocols and could have endangered other people,” he said. “I understand that in these times of uncertainty, I need to be more vigilant and responsible, and I am determined to earn my teammates’ forgiveness and get back to work.”

It is not known if Plesac has been tested since he broke the team’s code of conduct. He will be isolated from the team and cannot take part in team activities until he tests negative twice.

The Athletic first reported that…

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