January 20, 2021

Every Yankees decision will have a Giancarlo Stanton caveat (New York Post)

This equated to finding a signed confession after the DNA evidence already had allowed a case to be solved.

Giancarlo Stanton going down over the weekend with yet another leg injury merely corroborated the already verified — the Yankees are going to be spending most of this decade working around Stanton. With their roster structurally, and their payroll financially.

This is three years in three as a Yankee in which Stanton has incurred lower-half maladies. And these are prime years, ages 28-30. He is signed through 2027 and age 37. In 2020, he could not stay healthy in a shortened season in which he was exclusively a designated hitter and further reconfigured his body to avoid such breakdowns. This is the lamp breaking despite being in bubble wrap, swathed in blankets and handled with care.

This time it was a left hamstring strain. In 2018, Stanton played through a hamstring injury, persevering as others went down around him. He could not manage that last season amid the Yankee record spree of IL stints; Stanton landing on that list in April 2019 with a biceps strain and June with a right knee sprain. He played through a calf injury in last year’s postseason that was…

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