January 22, 2021

Dodgers: Take a Tour of Walker Buehler’s Locker (Dodgers Nation)

Trending over the last couple of years is the What Pros Wear YouTube channel, that puts you up close and personal with professional athletes. This week, we get a look inside the locker of Dodgers pitcher Walker Buehler. You have to see some of the cool things that Buehler has. 

One of the first things that Buehler talks about is his pair of cleats. The Dodgers pitcher helped to design these one of a kind Nike cleats. He also talks about it being a big goal of his in life to get to work to design shoes. 

Buehler also has a pair of Kevin Durant’s shoes in his locker while rocking a pair of Kobe’s. If you were ever looking to find out what a Dodgers locker room looks like, this is your chance. Keep in mind that this was filmed pre-pandemic, so there are a few minor details that would need to be updated. For example, Buehler talks about getting his batting average up this year. 

The Dodgers pitcher was also asked some questions by fans of the channel. Listen in as Buehler talks about his three all-time players that he would want to play with. Griffey and Bonds are understandably…

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