January 23, 2021

Dodgers: Here Comes The Sun (Again) (Dodgers Nation)

I wake up the morning of July 23, 2020, with a feeling of anticipation, one I haven’t experienced in over four months. The sun is shining – it’s been a beautifully hot summer in my part of the world so far, but I haven’t been appreciating it enough, as days turned into weeks without my usual baseball routine in place. I’ve taken the next two days off work, giving myself a nice long four-day weekend. I feel light and optimistic for the first time in what seems like forever, for today, my 39th Opening Day as a baseball fan, there is finally something to look forward to.


As I get ready for the day and have some light-hearted fun on social media, I think about how the last four months feel more like four years, and how, like most people, my perspective on life and the game has been altered forever.

Four Things I Learned During Baseball’s Hiatus

1. I love this game on a much deeper level more than I ever realized – with every fiber of my…

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