January 26, 2021

25 years ago tonight, MLB had its last forfeit (ESPN)

Nobody is quite sure why Los Angeles Dodgers fans started throwing souvenir baseballs onto the field in the seventh inning on Aug. 10, 1995, but in the absence of an instigating event, the simplest explanation is: Because baseballs want to be thrown.

The Dodgers gave away 15,000 grippable, throwable spheroids, celebrating the club’s previous Rookie of the Year winners. The first few balls — perhaps as many as a couple hundred — caused a six-minute delay in the seventh. The rainfall subsided until just before the bottom of the ninth, when one suddenly landed near St. Louis Cardinals right fielder John Mabry. He pretended he was going to throw it back at the fans, according to an interview with MLB.com, but “deked them and threw it into the bullpen. They got mad and threw another one in. Then they threw another at Brian Jordan. He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.”

Play began. Six pitches later — one producing an egregious call on a 3-1 count to Raul Mondesi — the plate umpire ejected Mondesi and Dodgers…

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