January 26, 2021

MLB’s biggest obstacles in keeping 2020 season afloat: Sherman (New York Post)

A few days of no new COVID-19 positive tests raised hopes within MLB. Maybe they could get on a roll. Push toward as close to normalcy as you will get in 2020.

But that is not this season. MLB was so close on Friday to a full slate of games — all 30 teams playing — for the first time since July 26. Then another Cardinal was revealed positive for the virus. That moved MLB to postpone the Cubs-Cardinals weekend series, keeping St. Louis frozen at five games played, none since July 29.

Suddenly, I was thinking about “Apollo 13,” which has been common recently. The movie is based on a lunar landing that must be aborted due to damage to the spacecraft, forcing a salvage operation to return the three astronauts safely to earth.

“From this moment on, we are improvising a new mission,” said chief flight director Gene Kranz, played by Ed Harris. As incoming problems pile upon old ones, Kranz implores that, “Failure is not an option.”

As re-entry for the astronauts to earth’s atmosphere nears, a media-affairs official, bracing for what to tell the public as catastrophe looms, lists all that still could go wrong. A flight director validates, “This could be the…

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