January 19, 2021

Leonard Williams sees ‘good opportunity’ amid his Giants uncertainty (New York Post)

He is here. It is where he wants to be, he says.

How long he is here, well, good luck with that. For now, it is 2020 vision for Leonard Williams, a sturdy defensive tackle traded by the Jets to the Giants, instantly becoming about as polarizing a transaction as one can imagine.

The thought process by the Giants went like this: Bring in the young and healthy defensive lineman, get him acclimated into the system and, if all goes well, secure him with a multiyear extension.

The reality of the situation went like this: Williams was a nice but low-impact addition, the Giants knew they wanted to keep him and did so with the franchise tag for $16.1 million. The offseason came and went, no new contract — or even the hint of a new contract — materialized and Williams is about to embark on his first full season with the Giants, with a brand-new coaching staff for him to learn and impress.

“I think it’s always in the player’s interest to get a long-term deal, but that’s something that worked itself out between my agents and the organization,’’ Williams said Friday. “I’m just happy to be here, play with this team again, and learn about the guys that I’ve been…

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