January 18, 2021

Angels rookie Jo Adell requires your fantasy baseball patience (New York Post)

Imagine a time when you were able to go to your favorite restaurant. Let’s imagine a time when the wait staff didn’t wear masks, distance between tables wasn’t being measured and you could have as many people, from any state or country, gathered without thinking twice.

Now imagine you ordered a roasted chicken for the table, and that golden brown bird is sitting in the middle of the table. As the waiter or waitress begins to carve it, there’s a problem … the chicken is undercooked!

This could not only spoil your dinner, but it could possibly ruin your week (that’s a food poisoning reference without involving any graphic imagery). It has to be sent back. It needed more time in the oven.

The same can be said for young players entering the majors. No matter how good they are, if they aren’t seasoned or properly prepared, they’re going to be sent back to the minors for more time to cook. Time is needed to ensure they’re ready to have the best chance of satisfying their team (and fantasy owners) when ordered.

Jo Adell
Jo AdellGetty Images

Before sitting Thursday with quad tightness, the Angels’ Jo Adell went 2-for-8 with one run scored in his first two big-league…

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