June 25, 2021

Yankees know World Series hopes face daunting coronavirus challenges (New York Post)

The Yankees entered 2020 with championship aspirations. And while that mindset remains the same during spring training 2.0, they acknowledge what lies ahead for them — and the rest of the league — is daunting.

Before they can compete for a title, they have to get through camp and then a 60-game regular season before the World Series can even be a consideration.

“For myself and my family, we’ll try to take it one day at a time and not have too many grand expectations,’’ Brett Gardner said Sunday during the team’s second full day of workouts in The Bronx. “We’ll all see how it plays out.”

Like many other teams, the Yankees are already dealing with COVID-19 cases and they are weeks away from hitting the road.

“We’re testing out the protocols,’’ James Paxton said. “We’ll do everything we can to mitigate risk, but obviously there’s still a risk. We have to see if what we’re doing is gonna work to a degree where we’re gonna play and keep it safe enough to travel and play against other teams.”

The schedule, which is expected to be released this week, will reduce travel, as teams play against teams within their own divisions and the…

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