June 22, 2021

MLB season threatened by coronavirus testing mess: Sherman (New York Post)

Acknowledge what MLB is trying to do is difficult wrapped around laborious engulfed by challenging.

In the span of a few weeks the league has had to construct a health and safety protocol with, most vitally, testing of on-field personnel done every other day. The lab is in Utah. The teams are spread over 30 sites in North America. The number of tests is roughly 14,000 per week. A collection company must retrieve all those samples and get them promptly to the lab.

This would challenge the medical community or the U.S. armed forces to pull off this kind of relentless, coordinated effort.

And there was no trial period for MLB to see how this plays out like, say, having pitch clocks in the minor leagues or robot umps in independent ball. This had to be up and running and flawless immediately because of the potential for this to be a life-or-death endeavor.

We know now that MLB will not be perfect. That caused disruption and embarrassment Monday and threatens far worse for getting this season played since trust in the testing process is central to players having the faith to take risks and play.

At least three teams had testing delayed over the holiday weekend. The Nationals…

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