June 25, 2021

MLB players aren’t so sure the 2020 season will be completed (New York Post)

As spring training 2.0 begins, some clubhouses are filled with doubt that the season will be completed.

Cardinals reliever Andrew Miller voiced doubts regarding the season taking place, as several states continually set single-day records of new confirmed COVID-19 cases.

“I think there’s still some doubt that we’re going to have a season now,” Miller told reporters Sunday, less than three weeks before the regular season is scheduled to begin July 23. “By no means is this a slam dunk. We’re trying. We’re going to give it our best effort, but for me to sit here and say 100 percent would be a lie.”

At least seven players have already opted to sit out the season because of health concerns, including Dodgers pitcher David Price, who will likely sacrifice the roughly $11.85 million owed to him had he participated in the shortened 60-game regular season.

Andrew Miller
Andrew MillerAP

Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle understands the reluctance of his peers who choose not to participate, noting the country’s controversial response to the virus and the challenges of playing a game in the midst of a pandemic.

Doolittle also said that players have not yet received the personal…

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