June 25, 2021

Mets’ Michael Conforto had ‘frustrating’ job during MLB labor war (New York Post)

Michael Conforto’s stress level surged during baseball’s layoff, well beyond the concern of his strained oblique or the coronavirus outbreak that threatened the season.

As the Mets’ union representative, Conforto was charged with conveying information to his teammates in May and June as the MLBPA and owners battled over an economic plan that would allow an abbreviated season to commence.

Conforto described himself as “the voice of the majority of the team” on the issues. Brandon Nimmo, Jed Lowrie, Pete Alonso and Jacob deGrom were the teammates Conforto says were most involved in relaying information to Mets players.

“It was an experience — I have never been involved with any of that bargaining-type stuff,” Conforto said Saturday as spring training 2.0 continued at Citi Field. “It was stressful at times. It was frustrating at times.”

Ultimately, commissioner Rob Manfred imposed a 60-game season, after the sides couldn’t reach an economic agreement on a possible longer season. At issue was the pay reduction owners wanted the players to accept for games held without fans in the ballpark.

It sets up a potentially ugly fight between the sides when the…

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