June 25, 2021

Red Sox’s Collin McHugh describes MLB coronavirus saliva test (New York Post)

There is no spitting in baseball — unless, of course, it’s part of a coronavirus test.

“This is our covid test,” Boston Red Sox pitcher Collin McHugh tweeted Saturday with a video of him undergoing the test. “Spitting into a vial like 15 times. No eating/drinking 30 min beforehand. Tested every other day.”

The 33-year-old righty appeared to frown as he recorded himself spitting once into the tube. He had a face mask hanging off his ear.

The video provided a rare glimpse into an MLB player being tested for the virus. The most common form of coronavirus testing is conducted using a nasal swab. It is unclear whether other teams are using the saliva test.

MLB on Friday said that 31 players and seven staff members tested positive for the coronavirus as teams officially begin spring training 2.0 at their respective ball parks. Red Sox manager Ron Roenicke told reporters Friday that the team had “some positive coronavirus tests,” though individual players who test positive are not allowed to be identified by the league or union, according to an agreement reached between the two sides last month.

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