June 17, 2021

MLB Expected To Release Schedule On Monday (MLB Trade Rumors)

Major League Baseball is expected to officially release the 2020 regular season schedule on Monday, according to Bob Nightengale of USA Today.

As we know, teams will play 60 regular season games against teams in their division and the geographic counterpart in the opposite league; that is, the AL East will play other AL East teams along with NL East clubs. The regional format of the season will no doubt offer an intriguing twist to an exceedingly abnormal year.

With the release of the schedule, Nightengale says, we’re expected to learn that the year will kick off on July 23 with two nationally-televised games: Yankees at Nationals and Giants at Dodgers, with the other 26 teams opening the season the following day. If those are indeed the first games of the year, it’d be hard to dream up a better way to welcome baseball back, with the matchup between the Yankees and Nats presumably pitting new Yankee Gerrit Cole against Max Scherzer. Not to mention one of the fiercest rivalries in…

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