June 17, 2021

Howie Rose talks 2020 MLB season, epic Rangers and Mets calls (New York Post)

Longtime radio sports announcer Howie Rose, who is the current Mets play-by-play man for WCBS 880-AM, makes the call to do some Q&A with Post columnist Steve Serby.

Q: What are your thoughts on the 60-game MLB season?
A: It will be with the most trepidation I’ve ever approached an Opening Day, to be sure. When we get to there, when I’m sitting in the booth — even if there’s no one in the stands, but I can look out on a beautiful green baseball field and see players and see the Mets and know that it counts — my adrenaline’s gonna go sky high, it’ll be through the roof. I’m just going to take the leap of faith that the measures that they take and the protocols that are in place will enable us to get to the finish line of this season without too many speed bumps. But there certainly figure to be some, and I hope they don’t have any tragic consequences.

Q: Describe this Mets team.
A: With a DH in the National League, they’ve got a really deep lineup. The bullpen has a lot of questions, and if you answer a few of them in the affirmative, you’ve got a pretty good back end there. If they can figure things out without Noah Syndergaard, then I like their…

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