June 25, 2021

Tommy Pham Tests Positive For COVID-19 (MLB Trade Rumors)

The Padres announced today that outfielder Tommy Pham has tested positive for the coronavirus, as AJ Cassavell of MLB.com was among those to cover on Twitter. Pham authorized release of his personal medical information. Fortunately, he’s said to be asymptomatic at the moment.

Pham, 32, has yet to suit up for a regular season game with the Padres. He was a key offseason acquisition for the San Diego organization, which is hopeful that Pham will continue to perform like the under-the-radar star he has been in recent years.

It’s good that the Padres were able to catch Pham’s condition before he entered the clubhouse and came into direct contact with all his teammates. He’ll be quarantined for the time being to avoid any possibility of transmission.

Hopefully, Pham will continue to experience no or limited symptoms. But in order to get into Summer Camp and get ready for the season, he’ll have to register negative for COVID-19 in two consecutive tests. That could well delay his…

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