June 23, 2021

The 2020 MLB season is a series of tests — and the first big one came today (ESPN)

Training camps around Major League Baseball officially opened Friday, marking another step toward the game’s return. As momentous as that might sound, as positive as that might seem, the day was vital to MLB for an entirely different reason.

The viability of a season, we’re about to learn, depends on a series of tests — and not necessarily the variety that require nose swabs. Friday was a litmus test, a public referendum on the results of MLB’s coronavirus intake testing. The league announced that the number of positive tests for COVID-19 this week, as players and staff returned to stadiums around the country, was 38 — 31 players and seven club staffers — out of 3,185 samples. That is 1.2% positive of total tests administered, a far lower percentage than expected around the game.

As expected, the bifurcation that pollutes every conversation about the virus trained its attention on baseball. Debates about the practicality of a season, the wisdom of returning as new daily cases reach record numbers and whether the reasonably stable…

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