March 5, 2021

Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Talks About his Legendary Baseball Glove (Dodgers Nation)

When Wilson Baseball made it’s way to Camelback Ranch early in March, Dodgers players were giddy with excitement over their new leather for the 2020 season. While players like Max Muncy, Austin Barnes, Ross Stripling and more were getting new gear for use during games, Clayton Kershaw was merely browsing the wares of Wilson.

If you’ve had a keen eye over the last 12 years, you would know that the 3-time Cy Young Award winner has been using the same glove since 2009. And he tells us why he made the switch from the glove he was using in his rookie season.

My first glove my rookie year had a different type of webbing and you could kinda see the ball through it, so that was basically my reason to change gloves and now that I got the right webbing, I haven’t changed since.

12 years for a baseball glove is pretty impressive, even if it’s a Wilson A2000. These things get beaten and battered, weathered and rained on, occasionally mistreated and so on, so for a glove to last for that long and even pick up a Gold Glove award along the way… impressive.

Of course, baseball is a game of…

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