February 27, 2021

MLB says minor leaguers will be paid through April 8 (ESPN)

NEW YORK — Philadelphia Phillies minor leaguer Logan O’Hoppe got the news from his agent and relayed it immediately to teammate Vito Friscia.

Friscia, a 40th-round draft pick, would be getting his spring training pay after all.

“He thought I was kidding,” O’Hoppe said. “It’s awesome, I’m happy for him.”

Major League Baseball announced Thursday that minor league players shut out of spring training camps amid the coronavirus outbreak will receive allowances from teams through April 8, and a plan is underway to compensate those players during the postponed portion of the regular season.

Minor leaguers will receive allowances of $400 per week from teams in a lump sum for the next three weeks — a significant bump from their usual spring per diems of $100-$200 per week. Teams hope that will allow players to cover housing, food and other expenses through the previously scheduled end of spring training.

The minor league season had been set to open April 9 but is being delayed. MLB said it is working with teams to develop an industrywide plan to compensate players for missed games.

“We were excited to be able to help these kids,” Reds general manager Nick Krall said. “Help sustain them for…

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