February 27, 2021

Minor leaguers seek side gigs – and answers (ESPN)

A few nights ago, Peter Bayer pulled up to a Cheesecake Factory in Scottsdale, Arizona, about 20 miles north of Hohokam Stadium, where the Oakland Athletics play their spring training games, to collect an order. He was there moonlighting for DoorDash, a food delivery service, while his day job as a professional baseball player was on an indefinite hold.

This order, Bayer realized with a thrill, was for a family, which meant he’d be paid slightly more than for a typical delivery. He’d also picked up and dropped off multiple single bags of McDonald’s and Smashburger that night, driving back and forth through the Arizona desert in an effort to make ends meet after baseball was suspended in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Bayer, a relief pitcher for Oakland’s high-A affiliate in Stockton, California, began driving for DoorDash on March 12, when minor league baseball officially halted its season. He made $62 for three hours of work on the first night and, after continuing to deliver food for five days, had collected $250 — pretty good money, he says, especially considering the alternative. The DoorDash app told him that he averaged $17 an…

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