June 16, 2021

‘The Mets Way:’ Inside the overhaul that could change everything (New York Post)

PORT ST. LUCIE — The Cardinals Way. Those three words evoke an organizational standard of excellence on how winning baseball should be played, the expectation of success.

No matter if you are in the minors or the majors there is a certain way to get the job done. Everyone, essentially, is on the same baseball page.

The Mets, who have not won the World Series since 1986 and have only two championships in their history, have never had such a foundation passed throughout the organization.

The Mets believe that has changed this spring training.

For the past week, the complex has been filled with 61 staff members — minor league and major league coaches, coordinators, analytics department and training staff as the Mets put together a series of seminars detailing every aspect of the game.

“The Mets Way. It’s having a philosophy. It’s having structure and purpose,’’ Brodie Van Wagenen told The Post on Saturday. “We’ve used the word purpose a lot in our meetings. We are not out here to go through the motions. We want to make sure that in our words and in our drills and in our practice we have purpose because that purpose will put us in a position to accomplish…

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