June 25, 2021

First look at the Mets’ overhauled spring training facility (New York Post)

PORT ST. LUCIE — Open for business, for players and fans.

The Mets will move into their impressive overhauled $57 million facility Monday at the now-much more fan-friendly Clover Park. Here is your first look, before the first pitch, when the Mets play Feb. 22.

Right from the start with the new grand, wide entrance on Piazza Drive, Mets fans will see a difference at the facility known as First Data Park last season. Once inside the park, there is a much wider concourse and larger concession areas before fans go through the bigger portals to all the new Mets’ blue seats.

One of the highlights will be just over the left-field wall. In the past, there was nothing but signage out there, zero fan access.

That has changed. The new elevated area features a huge outdoor bar, the Jim Beam Bar, and plenty of room, plenty of sun with incredible views of the complex.

In the past, Mets spring training facilities were put to shame by newer ballparks, especially those in the Cactus League. But this redesigned facility has all the bells and whistles players want and need. Essentially, there are no excuses now. Everything is at the Mets players fingertips and the staff has everything…

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