June 16, 2021

Dodgers: Justin Turner Breaks Down His Swing on Instagram (Dodgers Nation)

Just-in time for spring training, Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner had a little fun breaking down his swing on Instagram earlier this week.

In short, he understands that its “all about the angles” for a quality hack.

Surely LA hitting coaches Robert Van Scoyoc and Brant Brown can agree with JT’s swing analysis from outside sources like Doug Latta and Craig Hyatt, as Turner notes. For what it’s worth, Latta is widely considered one of the architects behind Turner going from non-tendered former Met to National League All-Star with a multi-million dollar contract.

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Speaking of non-tendered, the day JT shared this gem on Instagram just so happened to be the 6-year anniversary of when he inked a minor league contract with Dodgers.

Turner is a guy that is undoubtedly ready for the new season to get underway. In fact, he said as much as Dodgers FanFest last month, while navigating through questions about the Houston Astros cheating scandal that may have (did) cost Los Angeles…

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