June 25, 2021

Rob Manfred on Red Sox’s fate, Pete Rose (New York Post)

ORLANDO, Fla. — The bell tolls wicked hahd for the 2018 Red Sox.

As he wrapped up the Major League Baseball owners’ meeting on Thursday, commissioner Rob Manfred declared that he hoped to release imminently his office’s findings on allegations that the ’18 Sawx, who won 108 regular-season games and proceeded to win the World Series, illegally stole opponents’ signs via electronic means.

“I’m hopeful that I can get Boston done before the camps open,” Manfred said. “I’d like to have this over. Investigations are funny. You think you know what the timeline is, but that’s a day-to-day prediction.”

Boston’s first pitchers-and-catchers workout is scheduled for Wednesday in Fort Myers.

The commissioner confirmed a report by Duke Castiglione of WCVB-TV in Boston, that Red Sox players have been granted immunity, just as occurred with Manfred’s recently completed investigation of the 2017 Astros. That means that no players, again, will be disciplined. Alex Cora, who managed Boston to the title in his first year on the job, is sure to be penalized heavily, as Manfred already implicated him for his leading role (while he worked as Houston’s bench coach)…

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