June 17, 2021

Rob Mandred ‘uncomfortable’ with roles of Jessica Mendoza, Pedro Martinez (New York Post)

ORLANDO — When are Pedro Martinez and Jesisca Mendoza speaking as baseball team officials, and when are they speaking as members of the media? And how exactly aren’t they speaking on behalf of both employers all of the time?

Rob Manfred, after some initial bobbing and weaving, acknowledged that he’s essentially as confused as the rest of us.

Martinez, a Red Sox special assistant who also works for the MLB Network, and Mendoza, a Mets baseball operations adviser, who also works for ESPN, both recently criticized A’s pitcher Mike Fiers for publicly accusing the 2017 Astros, for whom he pitched, of illegally stealing signs from opponents. Fiers’ comments, published by The Athletic, played a vital role in spurring Manfred’s investigation that ultimately convicted the Astros of the crime.

“People are entitled to their own views on topics,” the baseball commissioner said at the conclusion of the Major League Baseball owners’ meetings. “Me personally, I’m a transparency guy. I think that healthy organizations tend to run to the transparent. The idea that someone should be kind of singled out because they saw something that was wrong and decided to talk…

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