June 25, 2021

Questions and answers with Mets’ Steve Cohen deal in peril (New York Post)

The Wilpons’ and Katzes’ deal to sell the Mets to hedge-fund magnate Steve Cohen, who already owned a minority share of the team, is on life support. Got some questions? We have some answers.

Q: What in the name of David Einhorn is going on? Weren’t we already speculating about Cohen throwing money at Mookie Betts next offseason and cleaning house in the baseball operations department?

A: We were, and this development exemplifies just how difficult it can be to complete such a massive transaction. As former Mets catcher Yogi Berra once said, it ain’t over until it’s over.

Q. So how dead is this deal?

A: Not all-the-way dead to the point where the two sides have formally and publicly announced a parting of the ways. We know that from direct precedent dating back to 2011, as the Wilpons and interested buyer Einhorn declared those talks to be finished after several months of negotiations.

Q: Well, let’s say for argument’s sake that Cohen is serious about backing off. What happens next?

A: The Wilpons did engage other potential buyers before they focused on Cohen, so they could turn back to a person or group of people from that list.

Q: Could they simply call…

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