June 25, 2021

Dodgers Release New Spring Training 2020 Hat Designs (Dodgers Nation)

While New Era missed the mark on the hats we wrote about days ago, I think the Los Angeles Dodgers did a great job with their new Spring Training caps.

On Tuesday, the official 2020 Spring Training cap was posted to the Dodgers’ official twitter account. Have a look and see what you think.

Now for a few observations, and that usual commentary on the aesthetics.

First off, the Dodgers were pretty loyal to their normal logo; which is the way it should be. Already, the Dodgers boast baseball’s best uniform; and possibly the best brand in all of professional sports. While they did a little something to spice things up, they left the logo with the traditional ‘LA’ we all know and love.

I ask you to take a look around the league at what other teams do to their caps this time of year. You’re likely to see all kinds of new fangled and even whacky designs in an attempt to sell more merchandise and attract eyes.

With the Dodgers, none of that is necessary. The organization seems to give a nod to that while quietly placing the…

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